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Rajya Sabha Observes Silence For 1985 Kanishka Flight Victims – N.F Times

New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha the Upper House of the Indian Parliament on Monday observed a minute’s silence for the 329 victims of the deadly bombing of Air India flight 182 in 1985 by Khalistani elements.

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, the chairperson of the upper house of Parliament, referred to the bombing of the airliner on June 23, 1985, and said the day marked the anniversary of “one of the darkest days in the fight against terrorism”.

The VP in Rajya Sabha said, “Two Air India aircraft flying out of Canada were targeted by terrorists and 329 innocent people lost their lives when Air India flight 182 Kanishka was blown up off Ireland on June 23, 1985″. He further added, “another major catastrophe was narrowly averted in Japan” referring to the death of two ground crew as they were handling baggage from another Air India flight from Canada. 

“Regrettably justice was never fully served in these cases. These incidents are a grim reminder of why the world must show zero tolerance towards terrorism and violent extremism. Such acts can never be condoned or justified or countenanced under any pretext,” Dhankhar said.

External affairs ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal, referring to the silence observed by the Rajya Sabha, said on X, “Justice was never fully served to the victims and their families. Let’s vow zero tolerance towards terrorism and violent extremism.”

Rajya Sabha Paid Condolences to Kuwait Fire tragedy victims

The Upper House of Parliament also expressed condolences and deep sympathy for the victims of the Kuwait fire tragedy that occurred on June 12, 2024. This tragic event claimed numerous lives and left many injured.

Rajya Sabha paid tribute to the departed leaders from Iran, Malawi and Tanzania

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar addressed the assembly, extending heartfelt condolences and acknowledging the contributions of these distinguished individuals.

Dhankhar stated, “Honorable members, I refer with profound sorrow to the passing away of Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran; H Amir-Abdollahian, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Ali Hassan Mwinyi, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania; and Saulos Klaus Chilima, Vice President of the Republic of Malawi.”

He urged the House to honour their memory, saying, “The House stands with the grieving families, the governments, and the peoples of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United Republic of Tanzania, and the Republic of Malawi in mourning the loss of Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, H Amir-Abdollahian, Ali Hassan Mwinyi, and Saulos Klaus Chilima. I ask members to please stand and observe a moment of silence as a sign of respect for the departed.”

In response, the Rajya Sabha observed a moment of silence, honouring these esteemed leaders for their notable contributions to their countries and to international affairs.

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