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From Fatima’s Dhak Dhak to Alia’s Highway, Deepika’s Piku: Read about top 5 road trip films! – N.F Times

While road trip films have long been dominated by male-centric narratives, the emergence of stories led by talented leading ladies marks a significant shift in cinematic storytelling. From Fatima Sana Shaikh’s ground-breaking ‘Dhak Dhak’ to Alia Bhatt’s evocative ‘Highway’, these films not only celebrate the spirit of adventure but also showcase the depth, resilience, and complexity of female protagonists.

Let’s embark on a cinematic journey highlighting some memorable road trip films steered by talented leading ladies:

Alia Bhatt – Highway

Immerse yourself in a poignant tale of self-discovery as Alia Bhatt’s character traverses the highways and byways of northern India. ‘Highway’, also starring Randeep Hooda, beautifully captures moments of vulnerability, resilience, and transformation against the scenic backdrop of the Indian landscape.

Fatima Sana Shaikh – Dhak Dhak

Revolutionizing the road trip genre, Fatima Sana Shaikh’s ‘Dhak Dhak’ is a cinematic masterpiece that explores the nuances of relationships, aspirations, and life’s unexpected turns. With breath-taking visuals and a compelling narrative, Fatima’s portrayal adds depth and authenticity, making ‘Dhak Dhak’ a milestone in road trip films. Dhak Dhak topped Netflix Top Most Watched Movies List.

Deepika Padukone – Piku

A heartwarming narrative that transcends the conventional road trip formula, ‘Piku’, also featuring megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan, offers a delightful journey filled with humor, emotions, and familial bonds. Deepika Padukone’s portrayal of a daughter navigating life’s complexities adds layers of authenticity and charm to this memorable road trip.

Mithila Palkar – Karwaan

‘Karwaan’ unfolds a refreshing take on friendship, love, and life’s unexpected adventures. Mithila Palkar’s charismatic performance anchors the narrative, offering audiences a delightful ride filled with laughter, introspection, and heart-warming moments.

Kalki Koechlin – Jia Aur Jia

Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Kalki Koechlin’s ‘Jia aur Jia’, a tale that celebrates friendship, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Sweden, this road trip film resonates with moments of spontaneity, revelation, and heartfelt emotions.

Katrina Kaif: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Katrina Kaif’s character, Laila in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is an inspiration for many, embodying the spirit of living life to the fullest and embracing the present moment. Her free-spirited and adventurous nature encourages others to break free from societal constraints and pursue their true passions. Through Laila’s journey, viewers are reminded that life is meant to be experienced with an open heart and an adventurous soul.

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