Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Elon Musk mocks Mark Zuckerberg’s 4th of July surf video | Pragativadi | Odisha News, Breaking News Odisha, Latest Odisha News – N.F Times

New York: Mark Zuckerberg, to celebrate the 248th Independence Day of the United States of America, which was on July 4, shared an interesting video. In the clip, he is seen surfing while holding the American flag in one hand and a can of beer in the other. Meta’s founder, chairman and CEO is also seen wearing a golden chain and a pair of Meta Ray-Bans.

His video sparked chatter among people, with many sharing their views for or against it. Among them is Elon Musk. The tech billionaire mocked Zuckerberg’s 4th of July surf video while responding to a post by an X user.

“I hate to admit it but Mark Zuckerberg has swagger,” an X user who goes by greg wrote on X while re-posting the video of the 37-year-old billionaire. Voicing their disagreement, another X user re-shared greg’s X post and wrote, “Everyone is praising Mark for this video but personally I still think he zucks.”

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