Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Hurricane Beryl Makes Landfall in Texas, Causing Widespread Disruption – N.F Times

Hurricane Beryl made landfall early Monday morning as a Category 1 storm on the Matagorda Peninsula in Texas, approximately 85 miles southwest of Houston. With winds reaching 80 mph, the storm has since been downgraded to a ‘tropical storm’ by the National Hurricane Center.

The National Weather Service warns that Beryl is expected to bring “very heavy rain, damaging hurricane-force winds, and life-threatening storm surge to the Texas coast.” The storm’s path is projected to take it inland over eastern Texas, where it is expected to weaken as it travels overland.

More than 2 million customers in the Houston region have been affected by power outages, according to a state-wide outage tracker.

Over 1,300 flights were cancelled across the United States on Monday, with United Airlines and Southwest Airlines being the most affected. Both airlines have issued travel advisories for various airports in the region.

The largest ports in Texas closed operations and vessel traffic on Sunday as Beryl intensified.

The storm’s landfall in Texas follows its destructive path through the Caribbean, where it was recorded as the earliest Category 5 storm ever in the Atlantic, causing at least 11 deaths and widespread destruction. It then travelled across Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico before reaching the Texas coast.

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