Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Inauguration of Pin bending facility at Slag Yard-2 of MRD

Bhilai : Slag pots filled with slag are sent to Slag Yard-2 of M.R.D. from steel melting shop-2.Slag pots are kept on tilting cars.These slag pots are tilted slowly to pour out the slag in pits. A locking pin is required which holds the slag pot with the car and prevents it from falling.
A new facility of making these bent pins was created in Slag yard with in-house resources. This mainly consist of a coal fired furnace to heat the rods (pins). Heated rods are bent to form the locking pin.
This facility was prepared in house by mechanical team,under the leadership of CGM (MRD), Shri Sushil Kumar. It was inaugurated on 27th August,2022 by CGM Shri Sushil Kumar. On this occasion GM (Maint. ) Shri DK Agrawal, GM (Operation) Shri TN Sahu, DSO ShriPrashant Yadav, union representatives Shri PV Rao, Shri KK Pradhan and workers from MRD team were present.

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