Thursday, March 23, 2023

KV, Jagarnath Sagar and Airport at Jeypore only crocodile tears

Buruea Head PKB: The Kendriya Vidyalaya utterly neglected, Jagarnath Sagar issue kept in the dustbin and Jeypore Airport behind the nasty politics is a well-planned deception to the innocent people of Jeypore. Our demand for kendriya vidyalaya before Dharmendra Pradhan, the first-ever Education Minister of India from Odisha not considered is not only a cheerful cheating to us but also largely displays the false assurance of the state and national level leaders of our country. Whatever word selected to criticise the union education minister will be less. Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi came to Jeypore in the beginning of his election campaign and gave lofty hopes that Odisha couldn’t be neglected in any developmental works. Unfortunately our aspirations for the welfare of Jeypore is time and over again neglected. The central education minister Dharmendra Pradhan became so generous to sanction two kendriya Vidyalayas for Himachal Pradesh recently and also another two for his home district is broadly known to have shown his own devotion for the welfare and pramotion of qualitative Education and its paramount importance by the minister. But why, in spite of all provision of infrastructural facilities available at Jeypore , the kendriya vidyalaya sangathan neglects the genuine demand is a matter of concern. Unfortunately our Odisha BJP leader Dharmendra Pradhan leads the education department of central govt but his role and contribution to Jeypore for the KV setup is currently criticized here at Jeypore.
Another burning issue is udan jojana of central government and Jeypore Airport seems to be nelectected. Huge amount of money spent on the pilot project of Jeypore Airport but till date not getting the approval from the concerned authority is a blow to the aspirations of our beloved people of Jeypore. DGCA is so biased towards the issue of Jeypore Airport shows its role of nasty politics. With the provision of all infrastructure development for the project, it keeps on causing harassment citing one reason after another. A battery of central team visits the place for many times but everytime, they are dissatisfied with the provision of infrastructural development. During their last visit, the team categorically stated that sixty six issues to be compiled soon. Again , as per their wishes, the compliance report fullfiled. Had the same airport been located in a BJP ruled state, green signal could have been given much earlier than expected. Surprisingly, the formal launching ceremony of the Jeypore Airport inauguration was over to hoodwink the people of Jeypore. Flight came , landed , went to Vishakhapatnam and came back to JeySpore to board for Bhubaneswar. During this period, no problem was reported to have been noticed. Still, the same negligence by the central team to deceive our emotions is a horrific and deliberate delay . This is absolutely politics because we don’t protest nor do we ask any central leaders.
The painstaking efforts of our people for the tourism development of the largest pond of Odisha jagarnath Sagar has been kept behind the cold storage. Lots of love and emotional attachment of our people for the historical jagarnath Sagar is known as reported that the concerned issue of the Sagar is relegated to the background. HAL assured of seven crores . Even chief secretary Suresh Mahapatra visited the site but no progress yet. Are we so unfortunate to demand all these issues for jeypore ?

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