Saturday, June 3, 2023

Puintala Block is trying to go ahead and Needs Cooperation of the District Administration

Balangir (Sunil Mishra) : The Balangir District is an unique Identity in India. The District was a State called the Patana State & all status for a State was there. The Empire of the Patana State, Maharaja late Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo was also a renowned Chief Minister of Odisha. At the Balangir Town, there are two Blocks , one is Block one & Second one is Block 2 or Puintala Block. We studied about the Puintala Block interacting with Chairman , BDO , Engineers and Ministerial Staffs of the Block. We found that all are trying their level best to develop entire Blocks by doing the works which have been given by Government for the Development of the Inhabitants as well as the entire Block. They are serious and dedicated for the works which have been entrusted or given to them. They are doing cordially and joining hand with each others, their behavior and hospitality, both are praiseworthy as previously it was not there. If , we do compare to Loisingha, Agalpur, Deogaon, Titilagarh, Gudvela , Belpada Blocks of Balangir, District and a the Tarava , Blocks of Sonepur, District, from the BDO, Chairman , Engineers and Ministerials Staffs are doing nothing, only running after Bribes , the BDO are incapable, cunning and are used to take bribes , percentages from each & every Development works or any works which are going on in their respective Blocks by joining hand with each others. They are behavior and hospitality, both are not at all praiseworthy and also inhuman in nature. The respective Collectors of both the Districts are totally not aware of this Ironical and irregular activities of BDO and their Staffs. How, they can also know as they are not trying, rather , both are running behind Adamant ness, Egoism, Proudiness , Arrogant ness as well as they do think themselves more to Honorable President & Prime Minister of India. Like , the Adjacent, Bargarh, District, Collector is also same as Balangir and Sonepur, District. They have come , just to pass the times. No eye catching Development works are being done as they have made their mind programming that they will stay or work for some Days or few years, after that , they will be transferred to some other places. Present, Chief Secretary is not looking & not aware of this & what is going on, he is only running after his chair or power. Do imagine, how the Development Works can be done. Peoples are demanding before the Result Oriented Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha Sri Naveen Pattanaik Jee to look into this irregularities prevailing in different above mentioned Blocks in the field of rapid growth & development in different works of the mentioned Blocks. An early prompt eye catching strong steps may kindly be instituted personally by Honorable Chief Minister as Peoples are demanding seriously.

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