Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tusra Tahasildar irregularities found! Badly in need of Action

Tusra/ Balangir (Sunil Mishra) : It is known to all that Tusra is under the Gudvela Block of Balangir, District and it is a Business oriented Center. The present, Tahasildar is luxurious person & he is used to take his launch , tiffin and Dinner daily at a Luxurious Hotel or Restaurant with some of his Clients who has generally works in his Tahasil, Office. He knows the technics or tactics that how he will extract money from the person who comes to Tahasil Office for some works. He is a habituated Tahasildar who is used to take bribes or he does not do the work of anyone without taking money or bribes. He takes a rental Private Car or Vehicle,where the Driver who drives the Car & his Owner, both are used to do Dabangagiri and Gundagiri. The Driver is totally a Druggist, Drunkard and he is totally a Blackmailer who takes cunningly all Videos and Photos of the Customers who takes the Vehicle or the only one Car of the Owner. After that , both the Car Owner & the nonsense Driver Mohapatra start their blackmailing showing all false, fabricated,pre-planning and editing Videos and Photos of the Customers , even, if, they threaten keeping some their Drivers & one & two Car Owners for extracting money. This Car Owner & other two Car Owners rent is too high & they take high rates from the Customers by doing Dabangagiri and Gundagiri. The Driver Mohapatra is totally a dangerous, critical & complicated one & such a bad smell comes from his body when he will pass through you as if a Leprosy Patient. The people of Tusra & Balangir are demanding before the District Administration & the RTO of Balangir to look into the above sensitive issue or matter for the sake of the Inhabitants of innocent Tusra people. Similarly, the RTO is also have to take strong action against the Car Owners who are doing Gundaism and Dabangagiri as well as extracting money by charging high rental rates for the Customers, if some Customer will protect, they start their Dabangagiri and Gundagiri along with Driver Mohapatra. An impartial enquiry is the demand of the peoples of Balangir.

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