Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ranchi-Vijayawada Highway: The best Parking Place

Buruea Head ( PKB): The general people of Jeypore municipality in Koraput District have lost confidence from the local administration as the administrators don’t bother for initiating any action against those truck owners who put their vehicles as parking shelter on the Ranchi-Vijayawada Highway for months together. This goes on for years together. If any general commuters make objection, then the local administrators would be seen being active for two days. After that, the situation is once again the same. Observing these parkings of trucks on the Ranchi-Vijayawada Highway, people do seriously lodge complaints. Even they make allegation against the local authorities like Municipality and police department as to why these authoritative persons are so lenient towards the violators. Last year, these administrators took interest to drive the illegal parking out but again the same picture got reflected. People are so disturbed by the illegal parking of trucks, some of them ask for strict action by the administrators while others claim that the concerned authorities are perhaps gratified by the truck owners as a result, they are silent.
These illegal parking of trucks on Ranchi-Vijaywad Highway opposite to Purnagada make so much traffic jam, even the PCR vans are the silent spectators. Sometimes, the ambulance services are getting disrupted. Why the administration is a silent spectator wonders many.

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