Thursday, March 23, 2023

The illegal Parking of Trucks on Ranchi-Vijaywad Highway Evicted : Impact of The English Daily N.F.Times

Buruea Head (PKB) : Following the news publication in the NF Times regarding the constant traffic jam due to illegal parking of trucks on Ranchi-Vijaywad Highway, the local administration of Jeypore subdivision not only removed the chain of trucks from the NH Road but also imposed heavy fines on the violators. As per the information received from IIC Sambit Behera, town PS, Jeypore, the president and secretary of lorry association were asked to remove the illegal parking on Ranchi-Vijaywad Highway with warning and fines were also imposed for violating the rules. It was reported that the illegal parking of trucks was a constant occurance on the Ranchi-Vijayawada highway following which the general commuters including school students were expressing their annoyance and regularly complaining the local administration including the SDM, Jeypore. Even the ambulance carrying patients had to struggle for finding the passage in its movement towards the hospital. The eviction of illegal parking brought reaction from the general people. While expressing their thanks to the police administration, they were in positive inclination that all such illegal parkings and unlawful encrorchment posing challenging situations need to be dealt seriously.

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