Sunday, April 2, 2023

Prayer to frame guideline for allotment of Government Accommodation to Journalists

Bhubaneswar : RTI Information reveals that 75 Journalists & their family are enjoying Govt. Quarters in Bhubaneswar like their ANCESTRAL PROPERTY. Even many of them are also allotted with G.A. Plot in Discretionary Quota & either they have rented the Quarter or the house constructed over GA Plot & earning more than Rs. 6,00,000 Per Annum as rent.“ “One Govt. Employee is bound to leave the Govt. Quarter after retirement & Governor/Chief Minister/ Minister/MLA after completion of their tenure Leaves Govt. Accommodation but Quarter allotted to Journalist never vacated by his family even after his death also. This is a clear violation of Supreme Court Order Dtd. 05.07.2013 in Civil Appeal No. 4064 of 2004.“ “I hope you will take my allegation seriously and take appropriate steps for Larger Public Interest so that public should not doubt the integrity and Dignity of the Present Government.

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