Friday, March 24, 2023

Bhakti Me Shakti

Bureau Chief PKB: Nobody has seen God because God is not something to be seen rather to be realised. The greater the realisation, the superior the gaining of peace and happiness. We live in a society today where everyone is found leading a hectic schedule of life. We take our daily routine work, earn money and then consume our food. This is a common practice with almost everyone. But finding sometime a leisurely pace with pious devotion and realisation within not only gives more energy to serve the society but also begets extra amount of mental peace. This has been realised truly by the members of Sourasahi Chaitanya Temple Committee members at Jeypore in Koraput District during their arrangement of bhakti kirtan programs with Prasad Sevan. Extremely absorbed in the chanting of mantras of Lord Ram and Krishna that drove them to collect extra amount of vigour and unparalleled strength. The members were found completely dedicated towards the affirmative services of the human beings. They claim ” the joy we get to serve Prasad to others is unique out and out. The executive engineer, PWD Mr.Bhaskar Samantray was reported to have been monitoring the road conditions of Jeypore when members invited him to have the Prasad, although he hesitated a bit but finding the holy ambience prevalent inside the premises of the chaitanya temple, could not but take the Prasad. The committee members felt happy with the discipline being maintained over there. If devotion towards God comes, there is no tiredness felt is a noble truth. So Let’s spend some time towards the services of human beings because there can’t be any service better than the services rendered to human beings.

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