Saturday, June 3, 2023

Azim Premji University opens admissions for Postgraduate Diploma in Research for Social Action2023

Bhubaneswar : Azim Premji University has opened admissions for the programme Postgraduate Diploma in Research for Social Action.
This one-year part-time programme is offered in a blended mode, combining on-campus and online components. Participants have the flexibility to join the one-year Postgraduate Diploma programme or choose standalone Certificate courses.
Early to mid-career professionals with 2?–?10 years of work experience from social sector organisations, social movements, thematic action networks, activist groups, and development media.
Richa Govil, Director, School of Development, Azim Premji University, said, “During the pandemic period, social sector organisations recognised the value of field studies for designing and improving their grassroots action, for building general awareness or for advocacy purposes. In doing so, many organisations realised their limitations in designing and conducting research that can provide reliable, actionable and deep insights. Our program aims to fill this need.”
Last date to apply November30, 2022. Written Assignments& Interviews January 2023. Commencement of classes July3, 2023.

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