Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Sun King enters the LED lighting industry with its high quality Sun King Infinity range

Bhubaneswar: Today, Sun King, the largest provider of solar energy products for off-grid homes in Africa and Asia, launched a range of new LED lighting products under its sub-brand called Sun King Infinity. This range of high-quality products offers upto 30,000 light hours.
The Sun King Infinity range consists of three sub- categories: Inverter Bulb – 9W LED Inverter bulb is the first made in India product by Sun King. It features a 9W LED bulb that switches on even if there is a power outage and runs upto 4 hours on half of the original brightness. It comes with 900 lumens of brightness and a one year warranty. Warranty Plus- 9W, 12W, 16W, 20W LED bulbs that offer lighting with 90% energy saving capacity, full dome design and upto 4kVA surge protection. They come with an unmatched 2-year warranty, a hybrid technology and are a very eco-friendly choice. Trendline- 20W LED batten comes with a long life of upto 30,000 hours. With its 2000 high lumen efficacy and glare free diffuser, it offers best surge protection of 4kVA.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. SahilKhanna, General Manager for Asia and Latin America at Sun King said, “With increase in electrification across rural India, we recognise the opportunity in expanding our current off-grid solar category to consumer electronics category as a natural extension. With the expansion of our distribution & retail network, we also seek to
deepen our presence in rural pockets that are completely untapped and hard-to-reach as well as urban and peri-urban markets to provide those communities with the services they need. By venturing into consumer electronics, we look forward to creating a strong and sustainable ecosystem for our consumers to rely on and in the next 5-6 years, we expect to emerge as retail distribution giants with strong consumer financing and distribution capabilities.”
Sun King products have created a life-changing impact to the underserved population in developing nations, especially here in India, with over six million households served with high-quality and durable products. With a strong distribution strength with over 40 financial institutions, 300 distributors and 30,000 retailers, the company has built a robust supply chain ecosystem that reaches the hardest- to- reach areas to provide them with 24*7 energy access.

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