Thursday, March 23, 2023

Dharmendra Pradhan skips Jeypore

Buruea Head PKB: The union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan came to attend the Celebration of Nabarangpur college where he addressed the august gathering towards the qualitative improvement of education. He came to Koraput by train and then, went to attend the scheduled program to Nabarangpur. The visit of union education minister filled the area with lots of enthusiasm and energy.
But Mr Pradhan could not go through Jeypore raised many questions 1) Was he apprehensive about the KV issue of
Jeypore ? 2) Did anyone urge him not to touch Jeypore ? 3) why didn’t he mention a single word about KV at jeypore as religiously demanded either at circuit house or at borriguma ? Or 4) Did he know BJP at Jeypore has got no strong hold of mass support ?
Whatever it is , the general people of Jeypore in Koraput District who have been fighting for KV went depressed with the avoidance of Dharmendra Pradhan to have a visit to Jeypore.

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