Thursday, March 23, 2023

Animal birth control preparatory meeting at BeMC

Ganjam : In order to control the out break of breeding explosion of the street dogs a precautionary preparatory meeting was conducted in the Conference hall of the BeMC under the chairmanship of the additional Commissioner Nilamadhav Bhoi. It was unanimously accepted that the street dogs cause hindrance to the public especially during night. It is not at all safety to move during night due to the attack of the street dogs. It has been found that some herd of dogs attacked some child during day time also. The veterinary officers predicted their disability due to the lack of employees and proper orientation training. It has been decided that the BeMC will take steps to provide food, shelter and medicine to the dogs for the pre and post period of the castration of the street dogs for which open tender will be asked for the said work. The Meeting was held in the presence of dy commissioner Ashirvad Parida, CDVO Dr.Devraj Behera, Berhampur SDVO Dr.Arabindo Behera, Specialist veterinary officer, BAM Dr.Kiran Kumar Bishoye, Dr.Priyadarshi Praharaj of Rambha, ASPCA member Susant Behera, Sanitary Inspector N.Nageswar Rao, SPCA member cum Animal lover and Social worker Lalatendu Choudhury, Susant Behera, PFA Amit Kumar Mohanty, corporator Aswini Kumar Patnaik and many others.

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