Saturday, June 3, 2023

KV at Jeypore not a political demand but a secular one

Buruea Head (PKB): It is indeed a great matter of concern as the central BJP government openly neglects the demand of Kendriya Vidyalaya at Jeypore in Koraput District of odisha. There are huge dissatisfactions among the people of Jeypore particularly the intellectual masses. The discontenment of Jeypore for the central BJP government is justified because it deliberately neglects the genuine demand of the people for Kendriya Vidyalaya at Jeypore. When union education minister came to nabaragpur recently, one of the media persons asked him about KV at Jeypore, but the minister didn’t pay attention to it. Rather, the minister started speaking about central university of odisha located in sunabeda Koraput. He boosted himself saying “I had a discussion with the newly appointed Vice-chancellor of the central university inviting him to Delhi” After his departure from Koraput, the minister claimed ” Tourism of Koraput would improve as I ( Dharmendra Pradhan) have written to the concerned minister for improving tourism sector of Koraput because my train journey from Bhubaneswar to Koraput filled my heart with joy and pleasure. These steps are most welcome as the minister felt for Koraput. But Isn’t it a deliberate negligence towards the KV demand of Jeypore. Now, why Mr.Pradhan, who is from odisha skips the question has ignited many speculations among the general people like :
1) So long as Congress MP demands inside the Parliament,KV at Jeypore can’t be set up
2) Again Local Jeypore MLA Tara Prasad Bahinipati submitted memorandum to Dharmendra Pradhan some months back, may be a reason to avoid the issue
3) BJP thinks more for their ruled states; and even if, they undertake any projects whether it would bring revenues or not is bothered about.
4) Even if, Jeypore is sanctioned to get KV , the people of Jeypore would vote for either congress or BjD is a very serious apprehension.
5) KV is a project which is not like Railways or industry or tourism as these sectors gear up revenues.
6) Koraput District has no strong base for BJP and here at Jeypore, people prefer either congress or BjD
7) May be monetary fund problem for a school.
Whatever may be the reasons, in stead of neglecting the issue of KV at Jeypore, BJP government at centre can create a base and better impression if it dares to set up KV from this academic session.
It is known that honorable governor of odisha Prof.Ganeshi Lal was also submitted memorandum for KV by the media fraternity impressing him about the readiness of temporary building along with provision of required land.
The most unfortunate part of the KV demand for Jeypore in tribal dominated koraput in odisha is reported to have not been spoken by the union education minister who hails from the state.
If the central government is serious about tourism development of Koraput, let them improve the jagarnath Sagar of Jeypore that would fetch more revenues.
BJP government openly states ” We give priority upon education, health care, environment and industrial progress and speedy development” Every minister of BJP during their election campaign declare ” Our beloved PM Shri Narendra Modi instructs us to work hard and take steps for the welfare and development of the place irrespective of parties ruling the State. Further, while addressing, they ( BJP leaders) leave no change to appreciate the wide heart of our Prime Minister ” The people of Jeypore are asking” Why PM Modi ji is not instructing Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to initiate steps for KV set up at Jeypore.The demand of the people here at Jeypore is not bullet train but a central school which needs to be fulfilled going above party politics.

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