Thursday, September 28, 2023

Chandrayaan-3 starts orbit circularisation phase, comes more closer to Moon’s surface – N.F Times

The Chandrayaan-3 has entered the orbit circularisation phase in preparation for its Moon landing, as per the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

“The orbit of Chandrayaan-3 around the Moon is now almost round. After a precise manoeuvre, Chandrayaan-3 is in a near-circular orbit of 150 kilometres × 177 kilometres,” the ISRO said in a mission update.

Chandrayaan-3 entered the orbit circularisation phase at 11:50 am IST on August 14, 2023. The spacecraft will perform the next Moon-bound manoeuvre on August 16, at around 8:30 am IST.

After August 16, when the Chandrayaan-3 completes the Moon-bound maneuvers, it will head to the next crucial stage. The landing module, on August 17, consisting of the lander (Vikram) and rover (Pragyan), will disengage from the propulsion module.

Post that, de-boost maneuvers will be done on the lander, positioning it for lunar landing. Chandrayaan-3 is expected to touchdown on the Moon on August 23.

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