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It’s family time for Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet Choudhary, long vacation begins with Dubai – N.F Times

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are one of the most popular and admired couples in the Indian entertainment industry. Both of them are swag goals for real and there’s a lot to learn from them in terms of mastering the art of grooming a relationship together. The two of them balance their professional and personal lives with brilliance. When not busy working, both of them love to take special family holidays together and this time too, they are having a blast.

The couple are now out for a long holiday and the trip has already begun with Dubai. At present, they are set to be in Dubai for 3 days post which they plan to go to Zurich. After that, they travel to Interlaken for a few days and then travel to Montreux where they plan to stay another few days before flying off to places like Geneva, Paris, and Amsterdam. Finally, they return to India around the middle of September and well, no brownie points for guessing that her travel schedule looks super exciting and wonderful. Regarding her travel schedule, she shares,

“Well, it’s been an exhausting period of time in the past few months and that’s why, breaks are important to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. For us, this trip is a very special one and we just wanted to spend quality time together as a family and have a good time. Hence the long holiday plan. I am sure after this, once we return to India, we will be in a better space of mind to resume work and our daily routine again.”

She further added, “Also, not many are perhaps aware of the fact that I am taking an International trip after 2021. During the entire 2022-2023, I have embraced my baby duties and enjoyed it. From a family of two to now four, it has been a beautiful journey and this is just the beginning to many more family vacations and a lot of things together. I believe that being a mom is a full-time job and I enjoy it as it has its own ups and downs. However, each day It gets better and better when it comes to adapting all the things.”

She concluded by saying, “Baby Lianna is a masti khor and is full of life whereas my baby Divisha is calm and composed. So, after seeing both their moods and how similar yet different they are from each other, you learn so much from each step in your life. I am so grateful for everything.”

Here’s wishing Debina and Gurmeet a lovely family vacation going forward. Stay tuned for more such lovely updates.

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