Friday, March 24, 2023

F&S Minister Imran Hussain reviews the ongoing development works in Quresh Nagar Ward 89 in Ballimaran

Food & Supplies Minister and MLA Ballimaran Shri Imran Hussain  today inspected the Quresh Nagar area falling under ward 89 in the assembly constituency to review the various ongoing development works. During the area visit, SDM, officers of Public Works Department(PWD), BSES, Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD), Delhi Jal Board, Revenue Department and Officers of Delhi Police along with eminent personalities of the area also accompanied the Minister during the field inspection.

The Food & Civil Supplies Minister also inaugurated various development works including laying of new sewer lines and new water pipelines in the area.  Shri Imran Hussain assured the residents that they won’t have to face any more water supply and sewerage related issues. The damaged sewer line from Sadar Nala Road Ghante Wali Masjid to Badi Masjid in parts of the Ballimaran assembly was causing avoidable  inconvenience to the local residents for a long time, taking into consideration, the work of laying a new sewer line has been started now. The Minister said that laying a new advanced sewer line will give much-needed relief to the residents of the area of  Ballimaran assembly constituency.

During the visit, the Minister also noticed that the condition of roads in the area is not commuter friendly, The PWD department was instructed to expedite the works for maintenance/repairing of roads and  footpaths. The Minister stressed the need to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene in the area in view of the ongoing rainy season. Shri Imran Hussain said that the drainage maintenance work should be executed on priority basis to avoid littering on road and to ensure disposal of filth in the area on a continuous basis.

During the visit , few residents raise their concern regarding low pressure of water in area, taking cognizance on matter, the Minister assured the residents  that all grievances related to the water supply of the area would be resolved as soon as possible, and in view of this, the work of laying a new water pipeline is being started in the Chhoti Masjid area. The Minister further directed DJB officers to install new water pipelines in place of damaged pipelines wherever required to ensure proper and equitable water supply to the residents. The Minister asked the Delhi Jal Board to also monitor the ground situation on a regular basis.

During the visit, Shri Imran Hussain directed BSES that no low lying wires should be hanging in the area and directed senior officers of BSES to make proactive inspections of the area to ensure the complete safety of residents. Directions were also issued for restoration of defunct street lights and to ensure the installation of additional street lights  to curtail the black spots in the area. The BSES was also asked to bring improvement in its efficiency management and complaint redressal system.

Shri Imran Hussain also interacted with the residents of the area who expressed satisfaction with Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s honest governance while getting the benefits of various Delhi Government welfare schemes. Residents lauded the efforts of the Delhi Government in providing free ration to the beneficiaries of Delhi without any hassle.  The cleanliness of the area is also being taken care of on a regular basis. Residents felt delighted for 24 hours free and affordable electricity in Delhi.

Shri Hussain also added that Delhi Police, Traffic Police, MCD, PWD, and concerned officers should perform their duties with promptness on the road so that the problem of traffic jams and encroachment in the area could be dealt with.

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