Friday, March 24, 2023

New Rail welding machine inaugurated at Rail and structural mill

Commercial production of 260m long rail welded panels from NEW Schlatter Flash-Butt Welding machine commenced at Long Rail complex of RSM on 13th September 2022. Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO), a research and development organization under the Ministry of Railways of India, which functions as a technical adviser and consultant to the Railway Board, had given the clearance for operation of this machine on the same day. The desired welding parameters of this machine were achieved in the fastest record time for any of the Schlatter machines installed worldwide. This paves the way for RSM to cater to the enhanced demands of long rails of our esteemed customer- the Indian Railways.

The machine was inaugurated on 14th September, 2022 by Shri Anjani Kumar, ED (Works) and Shri M. M. Gadre, ED (P&A). Also present on the occasion were Shri P. Satyanarayan, Shri T. Ramakrishna and Shri Sourabh Kumar of third Party inspecting agency, RITES, along with senior BSP officials from RSM, RCL, URM, C&IT, INCOS, CED, T&D, Services, M&U, Central Electrical and Mechanical organizations. On the occasion, Shri Anjani Kumar, ED (Works), lauded the collective for speedy installation of machine which set the pace for production from the machine. Shri M. M. Gadre, ED (P&A), who has been closely involved since the inception of this project also congratulated the team. The hard work and ingenuity of the entire team which worked tirelessly round the clock to make this dream a reality without halting normal production has been an example and inspiration of its own kind.

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