Thursday, March 23, 2023

Adventurous Mountaineering at Nakatidangara , organised by Taruna Pragyan Bharati

Buruea Head (PKB): The cultural vibration of our country has perpetually gone across the globe displaying the unity, integrity and universal brotherhood of Bharatmata. Although there is a denigration to the cultural heritage of our nation yet some organisations toil day and night for the preservation of our culture, heritage, scriptures and also the reverence to mother earth. In the pious objective of providing a wide variety of programs and activities , the renowned cultural organisation called “Tarun Pragyan Bharati ” has been committed to uphold the dignity of our culture, the superiority of our heritage and the grandeur of our ethics. This type of organising of the events by Tarun Pragyan Bharati has always captured the attention many from post to pillars.

Today, the mountaineering program being undertaken by Taruna Pragyan Bharati at Nakatidangara is itself a great event towards inculcating the adventures among the participants. Yes, in the remote part of Koraput District in Jeypore subdivision of Odisha, the social activists, philanthropists and educationists under flagship of Tarun Pragyan Bharati has done a commendable job in adventurous Mountaineering in which more than 250 members participated. The special attraction of the said event was noticable when two boys of less than 10 years undertook the adventure of mounteering. They are San Jena and Nivedan Panigrahi. As per the information received from the active member of Tarun Pragyan Bharati, Mr. Niranjan Panigrahi , ” We do organise a battery of programs under our organization for preserving the integrity and University of our culture” The President of Tarun Bharati, Dr.Gangadhar Nanda, while expressing his personal opinion to our correspondent stated” I am deeply anguished to watch the murder of our culture in the hands of our present generation, so the primary objective of organising many a great deal of programs by Taruna Pragyan Bharati is to inculcate the ethics and values of our culture” In spite of busy and hectic schedule of modern life system, when these type of activities being undertaken by Tarun Bharati makes me feel proud as stated by Mr.Jagyanswar Panda, Secretary of the organisation. Among others participated in the mounteering event were many girls, women and children of different age groups. The noted social activists and philanthropists Minaketan Dash, Bijayalaxmi Panigrahi, Sabita Tripathi, Subash ch. Panda, K.Tirupati Patra, Ajay Kumar Mallick and many others donated their energies in smooth conduct of this historic event. Among the 250 total students participated, around 176 students of Modern English School and the rest from VD College and Govt High School Jeypore.

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